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E nani nai??
got to dl it asap!


you are seriously fast! thanks sooo much! keyhole lagged while i was watching this earlier. thanks for the fast upload again :)


ps. and i must say, nino looks super young in his new do. I LIKE! :D

yuui1010 heart beat.....they just made my heart jumped tonight >_<

Account Deleted

OMG ~~!
I thought they would use the white outfits in PV.I love these outfits a lot
but I love this moves are great :x
thanks a lot for uploading ^^

min chun

thank you very much,I like this episode.

Thank you!
Looks like they've been practising a bit since they filmed the PV. Their movements look sharper now. Yoku yatta! :D
shitagokoro lol XD


thank you...thank you...
I like the performance too...
the wear same outfit just like a real bartender....kawai...^^
only to jun riida write a different's so cute...

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