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min chun

thank you very much.this so so so funny.


OMG! I loved their introductions in Engrish!!!

Hey is there a place I can DL this from?
Its okay if its a RAW file.


thank you...^^
They intorduce them self in english...^^
and i like the way nino say 'aishiteruyo' on the phone....
it's so fun watching it
thank you


I just watched this and absolutely loved it!
I liked the english intro's, aiba's backflip (I didn't know sho could do back flips but he answers yes to the question so he must have gotten better at it) and I also liked the phone conversations.
I would really like to watch the rest of it. so i can see what sho says and also who she picks. where can i watch the rest??

Tracy-Ann De Souza

you can watch it on

Tracy-Ann De Souza

btw it's with English subs. ep 121 :)

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