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this been also the problem of some of my vox neighbors , ooo___0 that sad to hear.....its not hard to ask permission ne.

and just wanna say i learned something today "netiquette"----net-etiquette (*__*)

and thank You for always sharing:DDD


i agree with you. Have caught a couple on YT and asked them to remove the video. It's disgusting how many do not know this basic courtesy of asking before taking.


*sighs* It's so lovely to find people who are impolite and take stuff and repost them as their own material. It's like going into someone's home and freely take or use stuff without asking any permission. -.-''' I'm sure they would think twice if they had experience people rummaging and going through their personal belongings....*sighs*....Has proper ettiquette gone out the window for some people?


i'm so thank you you for your hard work .. and comment to you
as much as i can .. and sorry to you for someone to take your clip T_T


it's so sad after all your hardwork to share al those clip for us...
and then someone just use it without permission...
and claim as their video...
I think it's not that hard to ask for a permission...
well hope it not hapen again...


thanks for continous posting of updates...
shame to people with no manners/etiquette


thanks for all your hard work ^^
i hope it will not happen again


i think i do reply sometimes...hontouni sumimasen if i forget to do so...but i think i can speak for everyone that we appreciate what you're doing..


Thanks for ur hard work always!! yeaa i see a lot of people having troubles from stopping people to repost > < but i mean is not that hard to just send a message or credit that person right? > < Hope u can fina a way solving it!! ^ ^


[this is good] thank you for your generous and sorry about someone to do that.


Thanks a lot for your work. I promise that I never repost your videos.

Pei Sze

Thanks for all the hardwork


sorry,im one of the lazy who didn't often comment.i'm busy housewife and really enjoy in my little free time your videos and updates.can always trust in you when i miss a program you are always very fast;sometimes i try to update too but its a hard work and i give up .thank you very much for great effort! try to more comment


hye..I'm new around here and I kind of stalk your vox.^_^  I add you to my neighborhood, if thats ok with you. And thanx for all the videos here and at arashi challenge week. They are amazing!

Kiiroi Namida

yoroshiku~ :)


sigh!! and here it comes again, that is really sad to hear.

I'm really appreciated your hardwork. because of your kindly, that we get so much more information on Arashi ne..hontou ni Arigatou.

yzahbelle chloe

sad, when someone took yours and claim that it was their ass who worked so hard for those videos, pics, etc...
im guilty being a lurker, but atleast i behave myself not to steal someones effort and reblog in my account...i apologized for being a lazy ~ not posting some "thank you" comments, but trust me i do appreciate your effrot and very thankful that you are so kind to share those videos and news about arashi! its better late than never: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE HARDWORK AND MILLION TIMES SHARING OF ARASHI STUFF!


thanks for the netiquette reminder (haha i like that term - netiquette =P)
hope ppl respect your wishes and thanks for sharing all that you do ^^

Account Deleted

i agree with you too ... i guess they dont listen to us ... hey hey ,,, how do you made your banner ?? can you teach me ??

Account Deleted

di you edit it ??

Kiiroi Namida

marisho > it is the same as vox banner ne


I understand how you feel. same thing happened to me. someone also embed my vox vid together with my dl-link. She doesn't even bother to provide her own link. although I saw her crediting me but she didn't even bother to ask me first. but now that vox is going to close she won't have any videos to embed. although I'm not sure about the link. I'm sure she's not the only one doing it. I just saw it by accident while surfing the net.

Account Deleted

it's sad to hear people still do this.. -.-
but thanks for all the hard work! ^O^
Thanks for all the hard work!

Account Deleted

you are very kind...
but someone who steal somebody's work is so rude!!

anyway... thank you very very much for your hard work.
kore kara mo yoroshiku ne ;")

Connie (SWeetstore)

Thanks for all the hard work~&
support u as always!!!!

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