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Saw some images for VSA.
Anhahahaha, I don't what game n situation, but from tyhe images I know he's being timed out. Cliff Climb? Ahahahahaha
Time out again....Sho-kun, dame deshou?


He did better for Cliff Climb this week as compared to when he froze that time and never even tried to pull himself up (i think that time he was quite tired out as you can see the members never really scolded him). But it's okay Shochi. Just stand and look pretty - prettier than those athletes HAH!

As for Kazu, like my friend said, if it was the other boys it'd be Miracle Boy but because it's Kazu - that's SKILL!


@dunadan Froze....Ahahaha, love how you phrased it XDDDD Sho-kun really . . . ahhh, my stomach XDD
Okay, this VSA is soo worth to watch right away


omh i just can't stop laughing during cliff climbing XDDD SHO CHAN x
thanks for sharing :DD


thanks...shochan fail again, aaaaa...just need afew sec more XD


Been awhile since you post VSA. Thank you for sharing.

Sho kun face as he failed to climb to the top was so hilarious and cute! The dark Riida was back and Nino was superb until the last second.


thank you...thank you...
sasuga nino....he so great in almost every game...
and of course a miracle on curling and last pack on bound houckey...was goal and arashi win....
and again sho-chan fail on cliff climb...

thank you...


So glad that you uploaded VSA!!! You are fast~!!! =D
Nino kakoii~!! He really saved Sho-chan from Dame Arashi. Haha...
I'm irritated with the girl too...she is "acting" cute.



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