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yanchan I first??!!

Looking at Nino desperate to win the race was so funny and so cuteeee. Finally, he's the winner on the main race this time ^^

Thank you for always uploading so fast.


OMG previev for next weekkkkkkkXDDDDDDD Ochan hahahaahah and that kings outfits they look hilarious XD
thnaks for upload X)


kyaaa ~ can't wait to watch next week episode
thanks for sharing ;))


thank you...^^
finnaly yon-a chosse ninomiya as number 1...
and on the 3 race only at main race nino win...
nest week will be a new segment...
can't wait to see...

secret kitten

That's great Nino!
☆⌒(*^-゜)v Thanks!! for sharing


Thank u~!!! Nino-chan is so cute when he didn't win the race with the otakus~! Love his expression. Again, thank you for sharing.

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