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♪ vivi

Yes yes yes, completely agree with you abt Nino's outfit! I thought it was better than Ryo's.
Waiting for the vids. Thank you! ^^


Arigatouu^ ^
I hope Nino is well and not sick >_<


Thank you so fast uploading the vids.

I love Matsujun, Nino and Ohkura outfit the most....and like you said I don't get it why Nino and Ohkura lost. Personal taste, maybe.

Again?? Why there's no HnA neext week?

yzahbelle chloe

this episode is so funny! thanks for sharing!


i enjoyed watching this! thank you so much for sharing!


thank you...^^
so much fun watching this episode...
to match with the number arashi play two times...
it's so funny riida have sold and unsold tag...
it so unpredictable...nino outfit was better but he loose...


Thanks for uploading this fun episode!
I really like Jun and Sho's outfits, and I thought Nino's is really good too. Anyways, Arashi won at the end, so yay! :D


Thanks for uploading! Arigatou gozaimashita!

I liked Nino's outfit more than Ryo's. Would've liked to hear why they chose Ryo over Nino :(
Oh, and Oh-chans "Plus and minus equals zero" was cute too.


I liked Nino's outfit too! Oh well...
I noticed that Nino was a bit quiet too, maybe because he doesn't feel the need to since the others do the snarky comments already? :P

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