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thanks for sharing :D


OMG.....LOL...the boys make bike riding so much like a comedic is that possible? Matsujun was hilarious XD and the double pack Ohmiya.

The mini MQ5, I like Aiba chan and Ohchan *without the paws just XXD*. If I more feminime, I would choose Matsujun's, too.

Will be waiting the next HnA.

yzahbelle chloe

i miss hna so much!! thanks for sharing!
jun's hair is so cute in the 2nd vip and does sho did a perm in next episode??!!

i cant wait for arashi vs eito~


Thanks for the upload! Everywhere else seemed to have it uploaded without the intro part...weird. Anyways, the bike riding part was hilario! I was laughing so hard when Jun crashed his bike before they even started. And they were so funny calling each other boss and manager to Jun and Aiba who were the ones that failed miserably on the ramp! LOL!

I actually liked Sho's combo it was cute. I don't know what Neener was thinkin'??? What was up with that scarf thingy??? (it looked like a dead animal!XDDDD) But glad that Jun won since he has been gettin' slammed in that corner.

Can't wait for next HnA episode!!


thanks for uploading :) The bicycles part was hilarious! Jun and Aiba crashing and Ohmiya on the double bike lol! so funny, cant wait to see arashi and kanjani8 should be hilarious :D


thank you....^^
this episode so much fun...and interesting
poor jun, he lose the janken so he can't eat the food and keep falling down from the bycicle, sho-chan kakoi when he ride the bike and ohmiya...ride together....
for the first time arashi coordinate women clothes...
i really like sho-chan and jun women clothes coordinate...kawai...
all have pon-pon except riida...

Account Deleted

i love this episode so much!!!
its so funny..

kawaii NINO!!!!

thanks for the upload:D


trank you very much!!
maximum as the bicycle and fall of Jun and Aiba!
ah ~ laughed a lot! the maximum ah!


Take it tajkke it

Yep, yep, I miss this show.
I miss all their faces >_<


Thanks for sharing!
The bicycle part was really funny. XD

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