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omg! soooo cute!!!
(Actually I saw your tweet that Nino won, and I was waiting for someone to post it, and thank you for posting the video!!! <333)
Yay Nino winning!!!! <333
Ohoku twitter and Arashi producer are also very cute!!! <3


His opponents get bigger and stronger after each round but our brat wins :D Totally deserved it!


(okay so I just finished watching the whole clip :P)
Nino got exhausted!!! I could see him panting in between the matches! But he is really amazing!!! Especially when he was against the huge guy O.O

And how they resolved the last match was LOL.
I'm happy, though, that Nino won!!! ^_^


Nino's so cute! :3

I saw the ohoku tweet, but what's vs arashi producers twitter?

and also, the hatenai sora link does not have sound :/


hahah xD this was hilarious, Nino is so small and the way he won the last match :P

haha. thanks for sharing.


lol Nino's so cute and petite yet so feisty and strong! <33 Like a feisty kitty xDD Thanks so much for sharing!


it's so fun...
and nino win yeah...and the staf and producer congratulate him...
nakai-san keep interup them couse it's to long...and finnaly they decided the winner by 'jangken'
thank you...^^


All the producers are in love with NIno XDDD
Worth all the wait ne ^^

Account Deleted

ahhh!!! so cute!~
omedetou nino!!
so funny!

-i can see kitano kii! hehe

btw.. thanks for uploading!!! :D

Pei Sze

Thanks for the post. This game is fun and require good balancing. Nino can balance very well.

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