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Yeah, I like the performance, simple yet beautiful!

Thank you so much!


im likng the performance soo much. more than the preview for the *pv* the fake snow/confetti is soo apt for the song. if only they could show at least some snow in the pv.

yzahbelle chloe

thanks! very simple song, still arashi dont failed to amazed me! love it!


Yay! Thanks for uploading!! I only understand bits of here and there but I've got comments:


2- Did anyone else notice Jun slipping in Sho's house so fast and then swiftly changing the focus to Nino, that it almost sounds like a mistake? Or I'm just biased)

3- And I think Sho needs someone to clean up his room for him, no?~~~


Thanks for the upload. I love-love-love Nino's solo, his voice is so awesome! (ok probably biased on that one!)Did anyone else notice the admiration Neener has for Riida?? At the beginning when Oh-chan sings his first solo part, he just looks at him so adoringly (kya~!! ohmiya moment...I just can't help it! :P).

@silverfa:1-I did notice that too when they were talkin' about going to member's houses. Oh-chan kept saying he doesn't mind but his mom doesn't want Arashi is supa-WEIRD though I mean they've been together for over 10 years long does it take to get an invite? Then again he hasn't been to dinner with Nino either so who of those weird facts about Arashi, I guess?!?

2&3-I didn't notice Jun's mistake but I definitely think Sho needs a girlfriend to help him out with his room!LOL they were sayin' Nishkido from Kanjani also has a preety messy room! Ha! I just can't see these 2 have messy rooms (is it just me?)...especially Sho since he mentioned on Shonen Premium awhile back on their 10 yr anniversary that he used to get mad when others would not clean up after themselves (e.g. like leave instant ramen cups in the sink after eating) and he is the messy one (maji-de)???? so funny!XDDDD

Account Deleted

I think it's weird about leader's family too!
why they can't invite arashi to go to thier house? 10 years relationship is not long enough?

for sho-kun's room.... one thing that i can imagin is ... himono-otoko? (like Hotaru's house?? OMG!!)
even sho-kun is a himono-otoko, but i still love him :D

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