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heh love the kazu smirk at the end <3 thanks so much for sharing this! which means I don't have to dl the whole episode just to watch Nino XD (sorry Jun, this drama is too cheesy for my taste, gave up after 1st ep lol)


thanks a lot! the cuts on nino's arms looked so nice ^_^
i am obviously not paying that much attention to jun..
thanks a lot!


D'aaaaaaaaw! Matsumiya~


kya kya super cute! nino of the staff of Hamlet! kawai and helped Shiori and taiga com! very cute ah! thank you very much!!


He's so natural there........And Jun...also there...>_< Aaaaa...think I'm going to go brazenly excited if these two get to play in the same drama >_<


I watched the drama...wasn't too bad but was definitely more excited about Nino's cameo for ep. 10 then anything else! You can feel the love here...either for his boy Jun or for his idol Takeuchi Yuko...either way it was good! Ohhh!Otsukare!XDDD

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