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who is the other one?jun &...?


@fauzi: It's MJ n MJ XDDDDDDDDDD

@kiiroi :
There's writing on the side. XDDDDDDD
Don't stop till you get.....can't read the last one. Can you read it, namida-san? E..who should I call you?


"from MJ to MJ" NICE!
Jun-kun must've been ecstatic. XDDD

Thanks for sharing.^^


that's so nice of the staff...=)

thanks for sharing.

Account Deleted

"dont stop till u get enough"?
from MJ to MJ
jun's Wii face ^^
thanks for sharing!


Yea and it's got Jun's bow tie from the first time on M5 when they went to the outlet mall and he lost and ended up on the trailer! lol too bad the Michael is much lighter thou...RIP

yzahbelle chloe

love it,,,, thanks for sharing!

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