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[this is good] wow thats quick!!!!thanks for the updates :Di heard that they didn't sing it true?nande?


Lots of rabu rabu but where is Jun? Nino seemed dominating there, especially Ohmiya. Wuah, Sakumoto! Seems like it's pretty the same with 2 days before, only the MC was more fun. I thought Nino will appear too because he's doing a drama on next season. And that means acts together with Yuko-san! He won't be himself at that day. Naughty Aiba and Sho's nipple! Wooo!!!

Thank you so much!!


aww aiba chan's voice was hoarse? i hope he gets to rest well before the next con >< thanks for sharing your memories with us ^^


seems there were a lot of fanservice between the boys.. so wanna see that in the DVD! >.<
i'm surprised they didn't sing A.Ra.Shi though.. i always look forward to that song..

thanks for the con report! XD




So cool =)
I'm very happy for you....
You're lucky ='(!!


Member rabu-rabu? More llike Kazu X rabu rabu XDDDD
And the MC, XDDDDD
So glad to hear the concert report. Ans it seemed this one also a success  ^ ^

They're surely wasting nothing in making it an enjoyable cnocert  ^ ^


hahaha nino flirts with everyone but jun.  how sad!  that pair is worse than an elusive pokemon :P 

thanks for sharing ur experience! 

Hương KuA


Kiiroi Namida

cimie2orlie & Huong KuA > yes, they did not sing A.RA.SHI


so many rabu-rabu especially nino with the other...
bratty nino in act again he imitated aiba voice...
riida didn't know arashi song...kawai...leader of the group but he doesn't know...
thank you for the report...
thank you..^^

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