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the Storm ・ kazuki

OMG so fast. o_o
thank you for sharing~ <3


Thank you!
Love the part on the puppies.
Don't you think Riida loves to take them up
and laugh so very heartily at their faces?
He did that for the exotic cats too.


OMG.....Nino so funny in the second half...he own that segment. The way he counted the time were so hilarious XD And the stand in Batsu was so cute ^^

If I not mistaken, there will be no HnA for 3 weeks, ne??


hahahahahhhha i love this episode! I love that part of puppys, and cute smile´s aiba very kawaii. and Nino dance xDDD


I concur, the puppies are cho~ kawaii~!! And love Sho today so hilario! With his reaction to the puppies and at that pancake snap thingy. I think this segment on gambling arashi was really funny today! Neener was so funny with his marching...too bad he got smoked for it! Am kinda sad that next HnA is not for another 3 weeks but this was an awesome episode...hopefully it will hold me over! XD




Thank you^ ^
They were acting like a bunch of children XDDD even Ohchan n Sho-kun XDDDDDD

Account Deleted

thank u! love arashi with the puppies ^^


Thank you so much for sharing! :D


haha..poor aiba, he even make confession...but ohchan the choosen one..XD

luv to see kouchan with arashi..she only got 1 present though ..better then nothing


Its only now that I got to watch it, so thank you!!! <3
I loved the Aimiya moments in VIP room and Nino is just so cute in the next segment ^_^

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