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lol. love the beginning part when they formed the circle. so what nino was doing at the start pf the minisuite was the step for love rainbow. lols . i thought he's in his own world again. haha.

lols at jun at the last part. is he really supposed to be doing that .. lols.. love the performance and the steps. ^^ thank you!


Really nice performance! I love it. Didn't expect to have that really energetic dance moves. Jun's always on the center ^^ Well, it's his drama theme song after all.

Thank you!


You're wonderful!! Thank you for sharing so fast.

Really love the sweet and the dance steps are so cute at the beginning and the end, where Jun 'directed' the dance like a composer XD

LoL at Sho movement at the end first line of the song funny

erussy *changed my user*

yzahbelle chloe

wow.. nice performance.. but i love nino's shoes...does anyone here know the brand of that shoes?? me want too!


Thank you for sharing~~~.
Cute song! really cute performance~.


the dance is so lovely!
thanks for your sharing~

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