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Happy to Kazu-chan too!
And about next week,
I love Sho-kun with the puppy. ^^


ahh.. finally he got chosen again~~!! it seldm happen ne? so i think i always rejoice when it happens. lols. who are the guest today?


i'm glad she choose kazu <3
it's been quite a while hahaha!
and the video works!
thanks a lot for sharing!


Thank you for sharing! I've always watched on your previous VOX-account, but couldn't comment and thank you! but now I can...^O^ you're always making my day(s) with comments, videos and news
yoroshiku onegaishimasu


Thank you!! :)
Can't wait for next week. The puppies look so cute, that I'm sure we will be swooning over the boys carrying them.


thanks for sharing the videos.
i'm excited for next week's episode!

Account Deleted

Thanks for sharing.You really make my day. ^___________^


Kichise Michiko is pretty and quite an interesting lady. I like her though some of her roles are as a bad person. From the beginning I don't like Doubt Action. And next week, really looking forward too! With cute puppies and will Shibasaki Kou get sprayed?

Thank you!


Thank you!!! You're always so fast...I am glad I followed you! Kazu is so cute, it's been awhile since he was chosen so am happy for him. Can't wait til HnA next week, looks really cute!


He was so happy to be choosen ^^
It's very rare for Nino to be the winner in VIPR.

Like you said, the doubt segment is very boring and pointless for me....I don't know why they keep doing it.

Thank you for sharing the show....and so fast, too.

yzahbelle chloe

thanks for the video.. i love watching kyoko with arashi, just pure os cuteness!


Yay! it's been awhile since Kazu got picked. The eye moving thing was kinda freaky. ^_^ Thanks for sharing


thank you very much!! kya!! ureshi desu!!


kawaii! nino's reaction at being chosen was too cute!! うp ありがとうございます!


thanks!! i want to see the next himitsuuu kyaaa pettos!!


yay fukakyon next week!!! :DD


ah I really like Kichise Michiko and so glad she chose Nino :Db thanks for sharing!!

Account Deleted

nino was very happy ne~
anyway, what made the woman to choose nino...?
I can't understand's really about nino said 'suki' at the beginning of the program...

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