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Yes! I was in awe! I'm amazed by them! Got really moved when suddenly they changed the costume to white. But no Sho's rap for Believe, maybe there's no time anymore. Nakai was so cute too, he's like fanboying Arashi!


i just saw that!!! how did they change their clothes?? 


it was amazing! 8D and they kept their promise! they did perform their medley in Arashi style! everybody was like screaming for them! SO AWESOME. 


Thanks for the recap was listening and not really seeing it. Now so excited to see the delayed broadcast later. So proud for ARASHI...that performance should get them invited again next year. So special. Happy New Year!


aaa.. because of your 'report' now I can't wait to see it...!! aaaaaaxD
why I don't have nhk *CRY*
now I have something to look for thanks ^^


first i kinda little dissapointed when seeing they appeared with that red outfitsbut when they changed it to the whitewooww made me applaused themi like the first outfits when they came xD, i think that after the *together song* (uta no chikara?) they will change back to the first outfit

yeshhh agreee when a.ra.shi song came outwoww i feel like seeing they in concert

congratsssreally made the tension up!now i'm waiting for the JCD report!!


omg, thanks for sharing!!!
I can't wait to see their performance!!!
*is excited*

P.S. Happy New Year!!!
       Thank you for always sharing Arashi updates!!! <333


Yes yes yes their performance was awesome, amazing!!! I screamed and clapped like crazy in front of my TV xDDDDDDDDD


OMG the performance was amazing!!
They look damn kakkoii in the white costumes.
Really liked the performance :D


thanks for this
happy new year ^^


<3 totally was not expecting the sudden outfit change. XD it makes the performance even more memorable even though it was already so memorable as it is. :3

Nakai-san = proud sempai, giving Arashi their moment to shine. LOL. <3 thanks for sharing the recap so fast!


Happy New Year!

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