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Poster is so Cute and so Bright ne'
It's very good when can see them everyday on your wall >_<


Ah how nice!!!! You got it!! So great that poster, deshou? Mine is still at my friends home in Japan I think ^^;;; Hope he sends it out soon, cause I also wanna get it!! Sooooooo nice!! *__________*


Arashiwase~! That's my favourite cd/single cover of them =)

Kiiroi Namida

yup yup, i'm going to hang it as soon as i buy a frame for it ^^

Kiiroi Namida

you too!? yokatta ne ^^


Ah I really like that photo! Its so fresh~

Kiiroi Namida

it's mine too! that's why i couldnt resist and bought the most expensive poster i ever bought >< BUT it's all worth it xp

Kiiroi Namida

yay yay fresh Arashi XD


i want one too! is this from the auctions?


i want a poster too.....


uwah! it really is fast! twelve hours hasn't passed yet since your post about it being shipped! (i think.. ) uhmm.. gomen about what happened earlier.. >< 

Kiiroi Namida

hai hai auctions :)

Kiiroi Namida

ganbare~ try auctions if you want...

Kiiroi Namida

ya fast...i just pm-ed you :)


then it really must have caused you a fortune. but it's worth it ne? i love that cover/pic too.


Subarashi ne?:D
I reaaly like it, but where exactly you ordered it? accross the net or do you have a friend in japan ?
i always try to find webpages where it is able to order goods from them, but unfortunatelly i haven't found any:(


wow!! its great tat u managed to get the poster..even thou u have to fork out a lot of money for it...

of all their cd covers, this is my fav..i even printed one,using the color printer in my office & paste it on my cube...not to mention its oso my pc wallpaper...haha

Kiiroi Namida

i got this poster fr yahoo auctions, auctions usually is my last resort to get their goods because it's too expensive and troublesome...

Kiiroi Namida

ya lor, very expensive >< for a piece of paper...keke

this is also my fave, but i'm not using it as wallpaper, still has my specs nino boy as the wallpaper ^^


u know me well...i want to see all 5 on my pc...hehehe


auctions ? which auctions ??? You are so lucky ne!!! watashi mo hoshiii!!!

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