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well that puts me in my place XD for sure gonna wait for this one now!!!


My bro is saving up for a DS LITE now..Maybe i can ask him to get this color.KAWAKOII!I love the red(reminds me of sho..lOls)


looks like.. a ferrari? XD The dark colours make it look like an expensive laptop.

my bro (also!) has a white one. I play with it, but I get bored of it easily. I played Cooking Mama and Brain Training-- and that was about it.

松 さや

kakkoii.. really want it.. is it available in japan only?

Kiiroi Namida

ya this color is so cool, makes my pink looks childish now xp

Kiiroi Namida

ya man, Sho's color...haha

Kiiroi Namida

ah i played cooking mama before on my fren's, quite fun since i'm not good at real life cooking...haha

Kiiroi Namida

ya only releasing in japan only at the moment, unless your local country imports the japan sets...or else gotta wait for local sets...


I think Cooking Mama actually teaches you how to cook.. obscure Japanese recipes! The Wii version is heaps fun too.


love the new color... im waiting for its release.... i also have the black and matching color with nino (which is baby blue though)... I love cooking mama too... I once played that for 6 straight hours....

Kiiroi Namida

arghh i need to get a Wii soon....once i hv

Kiiroi Namida mama is really popular, i should get my hands down on it asap xp


Chooooooo KAKKOI!!!

I need to decide which one I should buy..DS or Wii or PSP *I want to play tekken there..miss tekken so much...* help X3....

I love the red!

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