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thanks x 100 times... i love it LOVE it very much...
it is so funny when Nino is asked to wear the animal print jacket and hold the rose with his mouth...
They are so close that can share chopstick with each other...
( oh.. of course they are sweet enough to use the same chopstick.. i heard that they go to take shower " Together" before concert... )


A very rare time when I think I agree with Ogu-san :

"What did you guys eat when you grow up?!"

No one has normal sense of food anymore. I wonder if Captain's sense penetrated them all slowly and now they become like him.


The photoshoot Omiya had was hilarious too. Poor Nino... feeling so lonely wearing the animal print jacket and holding onto that red flower. Ogu-san is definitely enjoying himself fully with our boys now. LOL

Kiiroi Namida

hi hpw>yup yup, that's how rabu-rabu our boys are ^^Y

hi hinagiku85>i think the youngsters nowadays really do hv wierd taste, that's why Ogu-san finds it mazui, yet the boys find it oishii...

hi rin> nino's expression during the photoshoot was really priceless, i like how they describe him nowadays, being the world's actor yet still has to do all the "stupid & funny" stuff :p

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